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What are Molecular Cocktails?

A molecular cocktail is a new way of drinking in the 21st century. All our cocktails involve at least one element, or combination of, liquid nitrogen, fire, and dry ice. Molecular Fusion brings science to the shaker by creating new flavours, textures, and surprising presentations which will completely enhance your experience.

Do you only cater in Malta?

Not only in Malta no! We can, of course, cater anywhere in Malta and in Gozo, however, we are also available to offer our services for clients internationally for weddings, events, conferences, functions, and product launches. We have had the pleasure of serving our molecular cocktails, so far, in Macau, England, Italy and Manilla, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi for the F1 race, Amsterdam and  Georgia, and California.

Do you cater for Hens and Bachelors?

Yes, we do cater for any number of guests you have. We can organize it on land or we can take it up a notch and do it on our cocktail boat! Interesting? Get in touch to find out more!

Is everything you do safe?

You bet! All our molecular cocktails are 100% safe to drink.

Certain molecular techniques can be very dangerous. The incorrect use of fire, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen can cause severe burns when not prepared or handled correctly, and only trained Molecular Fusion staff ever handle these substances. You, and your guests, are never exposed to any fire-related materials or liquid nitrogen, only their amazing effects!

How long do Molecular Cocktails take to make?

The time it takes to create molecular cocktails varies depending on the cocktail and the techniques involved. Jellies and spherification need hours of preparation beforehand whereas foams and airs can be made almost instantly. Always discuss your needs with us in advance to ensure we can always provide exactly what you want and always have the right equipment at hand.

At the bar itself, it may take a little longer than the average bar, but we never disappoint. What we do is a science and an art form combined with theatre. Whether you choose a fiery, smoked, liquid nitrogen, or interactive cocktail you are immersed from the moment it begins. You’re not waiting, you’re involved!

Do you use fresh fruit?

Always. We have a strict policy to only use fresh and local fruit. We source fresh limes, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and raspberries on the day of your event. The team prepares all fruit at the venue while setting up the glasses for our famous Brule’ family of cocktails.

Everything else is prepared in front of you, as you order.

We never use any bottled purees, pre-mixed cocktails, preservatives, or bottled citrus juices. You will never find any blenders or imitations with Molecular Fusion. You deserve better.

Is it true? Are you more popular than other bars?

We’ll let you decide that. We’re unique. Molecular Fusion creates an atmosphere that can’t be beaten. Guests are intrigued, amazed, delighted, and satisfied time and time again. Once you have tried one of our cocktails, all other drinks become well… boring.

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